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Ecounique - unique gifts, cake stands, vintage gifts & jewellery

Welcome to ecounique

ECOunique is the home of 'make do', 'mend', a 'stitch in time' and of course 'waste not, want not'. The Ministry of Information catch phrase during World War II was there was no 'BRAND NEW' back in them days, this critically emphasized that clever people always recycle; and what seems like a new phenomenon isn't a late 20th century innovation at all. Recycling is part of an old age tradition that us humans have done for centuries.

All the products at ECOunique have a history. Nia is a great believer in 'if you've finished with it and it's still got life in it, you must pass it on' as the age old saying goes 'one mans rubbish is another mans treasure'.

Nia is an expressive advocate for recycling, buying all her wares from charity shops and auctions; these are fabulous places to find real treasures from other peoples throw away. Nia celebrates the re-using of every discarded vintage china plate, scraps of vintage fabric and any oddments that she might find useful in making and designing her re-claimed accessories. Nia's passion and devotion to a greener planet shines through in all her designs. At ECOunique we share this passion with you, by re-designing discarded items into well made desirable gifts that will amuse and delight you for years to come.

NIa's re-claimed gifts and vintage home wares consists of beautiful re-designed 2 tier and 3 tier cake stands for an enjoyable afternoon tea experience. Candle holders and cup cake plates are also a quirky favourite with Nia's customers. Her range of unique accessories are a sure hit, all re-claimed from an array of colourful exclusive fabrics. These products are all ideal conversation starters for those up to the minute trend setters. These unique items make beautiful presents for any occasion, birthday, anniversary and wedding presents with a vintage twist.

Nia has decided to take her own path, after 4 years working and developing The Contemporary Design Company with Kate Hamilton-Hunter. She has launched her own brand and design from what she has learnt over the last few years. Tilly Mint is one of the ranges that Nia has been working on to develop into an affordable 20th Century heirloom, which all generations can enjoy.

'Memories from the past which can be treasured in the future'.